The vice-Director of the Foundation, Dr. Paul Kolesnyk, arrived at the disabled children of “Leferoad” organisation dressed as Santa Claus.

Gifts from Santa Claus were received by more than 50 children, with physical and mental disabilities ,who study at the Rehabilitation Center “Liferoad”.

Bags containing  colourful toys, school accessories, sweets, stationery and games for the Ukrainian children were collected by  Dutch students from the school  “Anchor” and from our regular partners in the  Foundation “Family” :- the Dutch family Oosthuk Van Dorp.


From our charitable  money, the repairment of our clinic can now be organised on a regular basis; with annual maintenance of the buildings, facades and surrounding land.

With the help of our Dutch partners in 2007, the family clinic staff were involved in  the repairment of the building. In the photograph, the  Director of the Foundation  Dr Nataliya Kolesnyk is drawing pictures on the walls of the clinic. With many of the walls showing cartoons, the clinic has fast become very popular with our younger generation.

The building of the clinic building was badly in need of   repair!

We attracted  volunteers!

A room for staff relaxation has been implemented  in the clinic.

Thanks to the volunteers and funds raised from the local sponsors, as well as due to the shipment sent from Netherlands and USA , the little room has been repaired and an express lab has been opened in the clinic.

On the photo the chief Doctors of the Municipal Polyclinic and the Children’s Hospital take part in  the ceremonial opening of the express lab in the clinic (2008).

Charitable donations are  coming from the Netherlands, USA and Switzerland to support the clinic.

We appreciate for the voluntary help and activity of Irina Matosova in   yearly maintenance of the  land and gardens.

The repairment of the old-looking clinic building was  made in 2009,  due to the charitable donations  of our patients.

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Kindergarten (2008)

Under the supervision of the Foundation is the educational complex “Pervocvit” (it is combination of kindergarten and primary school):

For the kindergarten groups carpets, toys and developing games (sent from Holland) were presented.

The classroom of English has been completed.

Due to the foundrised costs new windows in the bedroom of the kindergarten group was settled.

Fluorescent lamps accepted form Holland were presented to the institution instead of the bed lighted lamps that spoiled the children’s vision. We succeed to enlighten 5 classes and corridors of primary school of the institution.

In the kindergarten the Charity Market “Nokkie” has been held in order to support this project and the involvement of parents to help.

Poster Nokkie okt08[1]